Red Potatoes

Red potatoes' flavor and texture lend themselves best to boiling and roasting applications. They absorb accompanying flavors well and offer a textural element in a variety of dishes both cold and hot. Red potatoes are considered a quintessential salad potato. As this is a root vegetable, it should be washed thoroughly before preparing. Store in a cool dry place.

Yellow Onions

Yellow onions are the most common cooking onion utilized in cuisines throughout the world. Fresh eating should be avoided as the Yellow onion's pungency will linger long in raw form and dominate any companion ingredient. Yellow onions are the ubiquitous soup and stock onion. They can also be dry-roasted, sautéed, grilled, caramelized and braised.

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Cabbage can be utilized both raw and cooked. Salad mixes are the perfect opportunity to showcase cabbage's texture and flavor. Cabbage can be wilted, braised, roasted, fried, dehydrated, grilled and juiced. It pairs well with rich ingredients such as pork, cream, melting, aged and blue cheeses, butter, eggs, olive oil avocados and nuts.

White Onions

White onions are a versatile onion that can be used both raw or cooked in a variety of mediums whether sautéeing, slow roasting or grilling. They are quintessentially used for adding to soups and stocks.

Turnip Roots

Turnips can be utilized for fresh eating when young, though they are truly transformed, their flesh softened and their flavors rich and sweet, when cooked. Best cooking methods are braising, simmering, slow roasting and sautéeing. Turnips can also be made into smooth purées and soups.

Fingerling Potatoes

The fingerling potato’s rich flavor profile makes it a starring ingredient in a wide variety of recipes. It can be grilled, baked in the oven, steamed, fried or boiled on the stove top. Thanks to its thin shape, this potato cooks up in a short amount time regardless of preparation method, and once cooked it is so tender that it has even been used as a pizza topping.

Russet Potatoes

Inside the Russet potato's fine, sandpaper-textured, ruddy-colored skin is a firm, low-sugar, moist and starchy flesh that becomes fluffy and light when cooked. It is most widely used for baking and frying, both applications bringing out its best culinary virtues. Russet potatoes will keep in cool dark storage for up to a month.

White Potatoes

The White potato is ideal for use as a boiling, baking or mashing potato. The White potato will stay firm and hold its shape when cooked making it an ideal choice when making scalloped potatoes, casseroles and potato salads. Boil and mash to be served as is or use to stuff tacos, thicken soups or make twice baked potatoes.

Red Onions

Red onions may be used in recipes calling simply for onions but they are used principally as a main ingredient alongside a few other supporting ingredients as their bold flavor will generally dominate any dish they are in. Red onions are heavily utilized as a sandwich onion, yet they can be roasted, grilled, braised, caramelized, fried and even pickled.

Red, White, & Yukon Creamers

Creamer potatoes are the grape-sized tubers prematurely harvested from many different varieties of potatoes. Creamer potatoes are typically prepared by roasting, boiling, or grilled, and then incorporated into potato salads, or cut into chowders.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

They can be boiled and mashed or used to make gratins, hash browns and purees. Yukon Gold potatoes are a popular potato choice when making french fries. They pair well with cream, butter, garlic, bacon, cheese, fried and scrambled eggs, and herbs such as oregano, cilantro, sage, basil and tarragon.

Sweet Potatoes

The Sweet potato, regardless of flesh color, maintains its appearance in shape in all varieties. The lighter the flesh, the less sweet its flavor will be. The deep orange fleshed Sweet potato varieties are the sweetest, thus often confused with yams. Sweet potatoes have a moist and less starchy flesh than yams, giving them more culinary versitality.